Why Wondr Advanced

Obesity and related health-care costs are on the rise and the demand for weight-loss medications has surged. For organizations that cover weight-loss medications, those that pair weight-loss medications with the highest quality behavior change support will be ahead of the curve in achieving long-term clinical outcomes.



Individuals with obesity cost organizations twice as much as individuals at a healthy weight.2


Greater weight loss among individuals who receive tailored medications than those who don't.3


Prevalence of obesity in U.S. adults.1

Sources: 1. CDC; 2. National Center for Biotechnology Information; 3. Obesity 29:4, 2021 

The Wondr Advanced Impact


Leading obesity experts


Tailored medication management


Seamless care coordination


World-class, personalized behavior change program

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Reporting and tracking to measure outcomes and medication adherence

The Wondr Advanced Difference

Right Provider and Program

Participants have access to a seamless experience with a team of leading obesity experts, licensed practitioners, and certified health coaches who bring extensive experience with weight-loss medications coupled with a clinically proven behavior change program to address obesity and related chronic conditions.  

Right Participant

Strictly following FDA guidelines, we assess and triage participants who qualify for weight-loss medications and begin the behavioral change program prior to treatment use.  

Right Treatment

With a shortage of obesity experts nationwide, Wondr Advanced provides access to tailored medication management to ensure participants get the right treatment plan for their individual needs. Tailored medication management produces better clinical outcomes and cost savings.

Right Time

The program supports participants at any point along their weight-loss journey giving them the flexibility to engage whenever it is convenient for them prior to, during, or after treatment.

Right Data and Results

Wondr Advanced tracks participant behaviors, medication adherence, and outcomes to give you valuable insights into your population and confidence in your cost savings and sustainable results.

Real results for real people—like Rhonda.


" I lost more than 20 lbs with Wondr, and another 15 lbs with the addition of a weight-loss drug. I am happy with the results of both, but I am most happy that the lessons I am learning with Wondr will help me sustain a healthier lifestyle and not relapse. I was somewhat fearful of using a weight-loss drug alone since people tend to fall back into old habits once they get off the medication. Since I had such success with Wondr before starting a medication, I have more faith in my abilities. "

- Rhonda 

Wondr participant

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About Wondr Health

Wondr Health is the proven leader in digital behavior transformation. We partner with health plans and employers to deliver interrelated, personalized, skill-building programs for weight management, mindfulness and movement that improve the physical and emotional health of participants. Our flexible and scalable solutions engage populations, improve quality of life and health outcomes, and prevent and reduce the cost of chronic health conditions.